iPhone 8 hands on – Day one

I just had iPhone 8 Plus Gold for 8 hours now, and I AM LOVING IT!

After fiddling around with Huawei Mate 9 for about 3 month, I am switch back to the all new iPhone 8 Plus.

I have been using iPhone 7 Plus for about 4 month and was extremely impressed with its build quality, functionality as well as its innovative camera. But will iPhone 8 Plus live up to its formal glory?

First Look

The design of iPhone Plus has not changed much since 2014, with new iPhone 8 Plus, Johnny decide to add a cool glass back panel for wireless charging (Or extra revenues for screen repairer). In terms of colour selection, iPhone 8 Plus has reduced the choice of colour from 5 down to 3, which are Space Grey, Silver and Gold. In terms of storage, iPhone 8 Plus starts at 64GB and topped at 256, unfortunately there is no longer 128GB variant available to be purchased for iPhone 8 Plus.

The Screen

The new iPhone 8 Plus has an AMAZING screen, it is best LCD screen I have seen so far. The true tone technology adds a perspective to display technology. The screen on the iPhone 8 Plus changes this colour temperature depends the lighting conditions around you. The display is bright and colour is vivid.

The responsiveness

The iPhone 8 plus is  fast and responsive, thanks to redesigned iOS 11 and brand new A11 chip sets and massive 3GB Ram, the iPhone 8 Plus  nailed everyday task with ease, There is no lagged when opening and switch application, I was running multiple apps, with Apple music play at background, play LOL and browsing Facebook at same time. I have no trouble switch from app to apps.

The battery life

The battery life on iPhone 8 Plus is AMAZING! I have been using my iPhone 8 Plus extensively in the afternoon and the battery has only suffered 17% reduction. This is a much much better result compare to my whooping 4000mha Huawei Mate 9 battery.

A quick charge in the evening bumped up the battery from 75% to 96% percent, but the time I am writing this article, the battery stays at 96%.

There is occasion feed back from some of my Customer claiming the battery drain issues on their iPhone 7 Plus after updating to iOS 11, However, this seems like not an issue for iPhone 8 Plus, battery is likely to last a day and half under heavy multitasking or probably last over 2 days with moderate usage.

The camera

I have not yet test out the camera on iPhone 8 Plus yet, stay tune as I will be uploading some sample photos this weekend.


Cosmetically iPhone 8 Plus has not change much compare to last year’s iPhone 7 Plus. Like the old said, if it is not broken, why bother fixing it?

iPhone 8 Plus is beautiful, thanks to its BACK-TO-IPHONE4 glassy body, iOS 11 is build for new devices, iPhone 8 Plus is responsive and quick, with crazy battery life to help you get through the day and still have juice to spare during your night out.

More about the iPhone 8 Plus can be find on Apple’s website at here